Host Family #2

I will spend my second year as an Au Pair with a wonderful family of four in Massachusetts on the East Coast! The family includes M. the Host Dad, K. the Host Mum and the kids D. (4 year old boy) and T. (2 year old girl).
The family lives in a suburb neighborhood area called West Roxbury. It’s 50 minutes away from Boston with the train and 30 minutes with the car (9 miles distance).
The Host Mum works for Bank of America and she works from home a few times a week. Her family has chinese roots and I can’t wait to get to know all their traditions. The Host Dad works for the medical health care. They also have a house on Cape Cod where they spend most of their summer weekends.
I’m going to spend most of the time with T. because D. will be in his second year of nursery school. The kids are lovely and playful and I can’t wait to meet them in person.

M. and K. also think about getting a third child, so I’m excited to see what will happen and if K. will get pregnant pretty soon (finger’s crossed). M. is working for the military, so we’ll probably move to another state next summer/fall and I can’t wait to know where we’re gonna go!


Massachusetts is a New England state known for its significant Colonial history. In Boston, its capital, the Freedom Trail is a walking route of sites related to the American Revolution. The city is home to the Museum of Fine Arts and other world-class institutions. Its Red Sox baseball team plays at Fenway Park, and the Public Garden is known for its swan boats. 2016-08-15 12-49-33

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, a hook-shaped peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts, is a popular summertime destination. Its 15 main towns encompass quaint villages, seafood shacks, lighthouses, ponds and bay and ocean beaches. Provincetown, at the far tip, marks the Pilgrims’ first anchorage in the New World with a towering monument. A longtime haven for artists, gays and lesbians, P-town offers numerous galleries, theaters, cabarets and nightclubs. 2016-08-15 12-50-16

West Roxbury

West Roxbury is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts bordered by Roslindale to the northeast, the Towns of Dedham and Needham to the west and south, the Town of Brookline to the north, and the City of Newton to the west. 2016-08-15 12-39-51