What to ask your potential host family

Hello peeps,

hope you had an amazing weekend!! Today I am going to talk to the family from Boston and that’s why I was thinking about many many questions for my skype interview. It is really important to me to ask the right questions to find out a lot about this family and maybe you’re also interested what I’m going to ask them. I’m pretty sure it can be very helpful for all new Au Pairs and those who are going to extend. I’ve also thought about some questions for the current Au Pairs.

If you’re talking to a family with older kids make sure that you prepared some questions for them too, maybe about their hobbies or favorite games. It’s super important to show as much interest in the kids as possible!

So that’s why I wrote all my questions down for you guys and let me know if you got some more that I can add to my list.

Hallo ihr Lieben,

ich hoffe, ihr hattet ein schönes Wochenende! Heute Abend werde ich mit der Familie aus Boston sprechen und habe mich natürlich dementsprechend vorbereitet. Es ist echt sehr wichtig für mich die richtigen Fragen zu stellen, um so viel wie möglich über die Familie zu erfahren und um sicher zu gehen, dass man zueinander passt. Vielleicht gibt es ja auch die ein oder anderen Au Pairs, denen ich mit meinen Fragen behilflich sein kann. Zusätzlich habe ich auch noch ein paar Fragen für das derzeitige Au Pair aufgeschrieben und sollten euch noch Fragen einfallen, lasst es mich einfach wissen!

Solltet ihr mit einer Familie mit älteren Kids sprechen, vergesst nicht auch sie einige Fragen zu stellen, über Hobbies oder das Lieblings-Spiel etc. Es ist extrem wichtig so viel Interesse an den Kindern zu zeigen, wie möglich.

So hier könnt ihr nun alle meine Fragen lesen und entschuldigt, dass ich sie nicht übersetzt habe, aber da ihr sie sowieso auf Englisch stellen würdet, habe ich es einfach mal dabei belassen.

Viel Spaß!

Why did you decide to get an Au pair instead of a Nanny?

How is the relationship to your current Au Pair? And how do you wish should it be?

How far is the kindergarten/pre school/school?

How do the children feel about a new Au Pair joining your family?

How do you handle bad behavior? How does bad behavior look like? How do you discipline or teach the children? How are their manners and how do they act in public? How is the behavior in the car?

Would you describe your family as a humorous family? Do you laugh a lot?

Are there any allergies or illnesses I need to know about?

Do the kids have special eating habits? Or what is there favorite food or snacks?

What happens if you need more help than just 45h? How do you handle extra work time?

Can you tell me more about your area? 

What will be my household responsibilities? Cooking? Light cleaning?

How do you usually spend holidays? Christmas, Easter…

Who usually does the grocery shopping?

My parents maybe want to visit me in my second year, what do you think about that?

How is your relationship to your LCC? Can I talk to her too? Email?

Why did you like my profile? What made you decide to write me?

Tell me why your time with your first Au Pair worked out so well. What was it about her/your relationship that worked?

Can you describe the kids personalities? And what they like to do the most?

What are your favorite weekend activities?

Does the Au Pair have a car and if how often?

How large is your local Au Pair group?

Can I speak to your current Au Pair?

Can you describe a typical weekday?

What kind of rules would you ask an Au Pair to follow? As an example the curfew, paying gas, mobile phone rules, over night stays, general house rules…)

Do you expect me to try to teach the kids? Alphabet, Numbers, a little bit german and so on?

How would my first days in your family look like?
Would you help me to get a bank account, a Social Security Number and drivers license?

How far is it to the nearest bank/office/grocery store?

Questions for the current Au Pair

How are you? I’ve got a few questions for you and I would appreciate if you could be honest.

How was your time as an Au Pair so far?

How did you like your experience in your family?
Tell me on a scale from 1 unhappy to 10 super happy.

Which things about the family do you like the most? And which don’t you like?

How do you spend your free time?

How is your LCC and your Au Pair group? How many are in your group?

How do you get along with kids? How are they?
Any meltdowns? How would you describe your relationship to the kids and to your host parents?

Any big problems with them?

How were your first days in your family? How did they help you with everything?

Did you feel welcome? If yes, what did they do to make you feel welcome?

Did you feel homesick at all in the last months?

Do they treat you as a daughter/sister for the kids?

How did you celebrate holidays? Christmas, Easter..?

Are you able to talk to your host parents about problems or even personal problems?

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